The Stone Roses
Stone Roses Album
The Stone Roses
Stone Roses Album

Stone Roses


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Stone Roses is the debut album by The Stone Roses, released in May 1989 by Silvertone Records. The group recorded most of the album at Battery Studios in London with producer John Leckie. Although The Stone Roses was not an immediate success, its standing improved significantly among most critics, many of whom have since voted it high in polls of the greatest albums of all time.

The band played several high-profile gigs supporting the album, including one on February 27, 1989 at what was regarded as the centre of the associated Madchester and baggy scenes, Manchester’s The Haçienda nightclub. Andrew Collins wrote in NME: “Bollocks to Morrissey at Wolverhampton, to The Sundays at The Falcon, to PWEI at Brixton – I’m already drafting a letter to my grandchildren telling them that I saw The Stone Roses at the Haçienda.” The Stone Roses’ 1990 Spike Island gig, organised by the band and attended by over 27,000 fans, also holds a formidable reputation. Critics have frequently labelled it the “Woodstock of the baggy generation”. Their debut brought them nationwide success and soon the band, along with fellow Madchester group Happy Mondays, were perceived as one of the key acts of the baggy scene.

Silent Quartz sweep mechanism runs by 1.5 volt AA battery (supplied)
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